About Us

Core Values

These are the most important aspects of our business that we use to stand out from the crowd of other home service companies. By keeping our core values at the front of our minds during every working hour, we’ve been able to serve thousands of customers since our founding in 2020. These values help us provide stellar customer service while also delivering expectation-shattering results with our state-of-the-art mobile cleaning trucks.

Attention to Detail

What is attention to detail? Attention to detail is thoroughness in every aspect of a particular job, from pulling into the driveway to getting back to the shop, we make sure our customers are happy every step of the way. Nowadays, we see too many contractors cutting corners and taking the easy way out. We are determined to stand out from the rest.


Honesty is an important core value that all companies should aspire to uphold. Honesty means being truthful, transparent, and sincere in all business dealings. By fostering a culture of honesty, we’ve created an environment in which all of our team members and all of our customers feel extremely comfortable with each other, and that’s the HydroPower difference.

Building Lasting Relationships

Our most important core value is to build lasting relationships. When we earn a new customer, our goal is for that person to be a customer for life. We want you to be excited to refer HydroPower to your friends and family. Our aim is to set a new standard for contractors that work in/on your home. We always say, “We’re not really a power washing company, we’re a customer service company that happens to offer power washing!”